Celebrate Heritage Day the Tindlovu Way: Grilled Snoek Delight!

Grilled Snoek Delight

Hey there, it’s that time of year again when we all get together for Heritage Day, or as we like to call it, Braai Day! Here at Tindlovu Group, we’re all about embracing different cultures and enjoying great food with the people we love. So, let’s fire up the grills, gather your crew, and dive into a tasty adventure with that signature Tindlovu touch.

Grilled Snoek with Apricot and Chili Glaze, Coal Roasted Sweet Potato, and Cucumber & Roasted Peanut Salad

Picture this: the sun is shining, laughter fills the air, and the scent of grilled snoek is everywhere. It’s time to focus on a classic South African dish.

The Main Attraction: Grilled Snoek

We’re all about keeping things simple yet packed with South African flavour at Tindlovu Group. Start by giving your snoek a gentle rubdown with some salt. Now, let’s introduce your DIY herb basting brush – a mix of fresh parsley, thyme, and rosemary tied together.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve got an irresistible apricot and chili glaze that’ll take your snoek to the next level. In a saucepan, let 150g of apricot jam, 200g of salted butter, 30g of chopped garlic, 50ml of zesty lemon juice, and a dash of 20g of chili flakes to make it all come together.

Lay your snoek on the grill, skin side down, and let that glaze work its magic. As it cooks, the glaze will create a balance of sweet and tangy notes. And don’t be surprised if you see a bit of smoke – that’s just the glaze mingling with the coals, adding that signature Tindlovu touch of smokiness.

Roasted Sweet Potato Elegance

While the snoek is the main element, let’s not forget another important part of this dish – roasted sweet potato. Wrap those beauties in foil, let them hang out near the coals, and watch them turn into tender, caramelized treats.

Cucumber & Roasted Peanut Salad

Hold onto your aprons, because there’s more deliciousness coming your way! Our fresh and zesty cucumber and roasted peanut salad is here to balance things out. Start by thinly peeling 2 cucumbers and giving them a sprinkle of salt to wake up their flavours. Whip up a dressing with 10g of salt, 40g of palm sugar, 20ml of lime juice, and a splash of fish sauce for that umami kick.

Once the cucumbers have soaked up that goodness, toss them in the dressing. Then, throw in 100g of roasted peanuts for a satisfying crunch and a burst of earthy goodness. Lastly, 35g of fragrant coriander makes its entrance, adding a burst of fresh herbal goodness to the salad.

A Festive Feast with Tindlovu Group

As the sun sets, it’s time to gather around the table for a feast that captures the spirit of Tindlovu. The juicy grilled snoek with its apricot and chili glaze, the caramelized roasted sweet potatoes, and the refreshing cucumber and roasted peanut salad – it’s a medley of flavours that celebrates South African heritage and the joy of sharing a meal together.

So, on this Heritage Day, let’s grab a fork and toast to unity and the joy of savouring incredible food. Cheers to Tindlovu Group, to heritage, and to you – for creating lasting memories around the grill. Have an awesome Heritage Day and Braai Day!

Recipe: Grilled Snoek with Apricot and Chili Glaze


– 1 whole snoek, scaled and lightly salted

– Bunch of parsley, thyme, and rosemary (for the basting brush)

For the sauce:

– 150g apricot jam

– 200g salted butter

– 30g chopped garlic

– 50ml lemon juice

– 20g chili flakes

1. Combine apricot jam, salted butter, chopped garlic, lemon juice, and chili flakes in a saucepan and keep warm on the grill.

2. Brush the snoek’s skin with oil and place it skin side down on the grill.

3. Baste the snoek with the apricot glaze as it cooks.

4. Turn the snoek, letting the glaze infuse with the coals for a smoky flavour.

5. Baste the other side and cook until sticky and slightly charred.

Roasted Sweet Potato

– Sweet potatoes (as needed)

1. Wrap sweet potatoes in foil and cook them near the coals.

2. Cook until tender.

Cucumber & Roasted Peanut Salad


– 2 cucumbers, thinly peeled

– 10g salt

– 40g palm sugar

– 20ml lime juice

– 20ml fish sauce

– 100g roasted peanuts

– 35g coriander

1. Salt the sliced cucumbers and let them drain.

2. Mix salt, palm sugar, lime juice, and fish sauce for the dressing.

3. Toss cucumbers in the dressing, then add roasted peanuts and coriander. Enjoy your laid-back Tindlovu-style Heritage Day celebration with this tasty and flavourful meal that captures the essence of togetherness and good times!

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