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Tindlovu began long before our first restaurant was opened in 2012. Tindlovu has been in the making since our CEO first decided she wanted to pursue hospitality at a very young age. Tindlovu is more than a restaurant and hospitality company. Tindlovu is a community.

We have restaurants based in various camps in the Kruger National Park such as Satara, Olifants, Shingwedzi, Olifants, Mopani, Berg en Dal and Afsaal Traders Post. We've recently grown beyond the Kruger to Nespruit, Mpumalanga with Tindlovu I'langa and Tindlovu at the Gardens.

Our restaurants offer guests a dining experience like never before. Our African-fusion inspired food will fill your stomach but the overall dining experience will leave you with a full heart.

Tindlovu's core values is quality, service, experience and community. We strive to offer our guests the best quality in everything we do. Service is what makes or breaks an experience which is why we offer unforgettable service at every point of contact. We want you to leave with a piece of Tindlovu in your heart forever. Experience is what you look for in life, which is why we offer a life changing one. Community is the basis of all things. Without community we are nothing. We take care of our own in order to take care of all.

Tindlovu's mission is beyond our expansion. We do not only want to reach provinces across the country and countries across the world. We want to make an impact on the communities around us, to ensure that what we do is worth it. We feed more than three hundred people per day out of our pockets, partake in various community projects throughout the year and aim to make our own. Tindlovu is an experience that demands to be felt by every one that is fortunate enough to encounter us. Make the first step and contact us. We'll take care of the rest.

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